Information artwork

Before continueing your commission, I would like you to inform about how I work. And also to let you know what you can expect.

  • The commission will be ready in 3 months.
  • You will be updated regular, so you have the oppertunity to see where in the artwork it can be improved.
  •  Before taking a commission, I ask a small contribution in advance. (€5,00). You pay the rest after finishing the artwork.
  •  You will recieve a few documents:
    Full-size PNG document without logo
    Full-size JPG document without logo
    Full-size PNG document with logo
    Full-size JPG document with logo
  • If you want to post the art piece online, use one of the logo documents. You can use the versions without logo for you own of course.
  • I have the rights to place Work in Progress and the end-result on my social media accounts (facebook and instagram). If you want else, please let me know.

If there are any questions left, do not hesitate to use the contact form.


Description Style Prize
Horse art digital Realistic €35,00
2 Horses on canvas Realistic €45,00
Horse art digital 3 or more Realistic €55,00
Cartoon art Cartoon €25,00
Pet art Realistic €50,00

Information photography

I would like to inform you about what you can expect from me as a photographer. As you might know, I am quite new to this. So I will explain for you everything you can count on and I will tell a little bit about me as a photographer.

Since september 2018 I started making pictures of things I like. That is why I started taking pictures with the Canon 70D of people. People are just wonderful and much-telling objects to capture a moment from. So I have done a bit of photography.

I also would like to make some other pictures, from animals for example. Because of the lack of experience I only ask for a little contribution just for effort.

During and after the photoshoot

What you can expect from me is a relax, fun and respecting photoshoot. Afterwards you will recieve at least 10 pictures full-sized photo’s. You will recieve all the pictures which are good enough. All the pictures are marked with a small logo you may use on your social media. You can choose 2 photographs without logo for personal use. I have the rights to use the photographs for my portfolio (website, instagram, facebook). If you want else, please let me know.
I use a contract which need to be signed before the photoshoot.

Where and what are the extra costs?
I am stationed in Kampen, near to Zwolle, Netherlands. Because I am a student, I use a student traveling card during the working days. The prices are excluded traveling costs*.

*Only in the weekends

Prizes photography

Description Price
Portrait €50,00
Pets €50,00

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